Welcome to our website. Here we would like to introduce you to the research that is currently ongoing in our lab. The ultimate aims of our research are to:

1) Improve the effectiveness of cervical cancer screening programs
2) Enable tailored/personalized treatment of HPV-induced premalignant anogenital disease
3) Improve early detection for non-cervical anogenital cancers

To achieve these goals we have established a highly interdisciplinary research team consisting of clinicians, molecular biologists and biostatisticians. In our projects we apply state-of-the-art methodologies and analyses to identify relevant molecular changes, which are subsequently translated into clinical applications.


Academic staff
Maaike Bleeker MD PhD

Renske Steenbergen Prof PhD (Program leader)

Kirsten Rozemeijer

Mariano Molina Beita

Shiva Najjary


PhD students

Irene Beijert MD

Fernando Dias Goncalves Lima MD

Mirte Schaafsma MD

Féline Voss MD

Mengfei Xu MD

Dominique de Vries MD

Flavia Runello

Mila Griffioen MD


Timo ter Braak

Yara van den Burgt

Sylvia Duin

Annina van Splunter